V5 Backlight for GameBoy Pockets

V5 Backlight for GameBoy Pockets

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All V5 backlight kits include the following:


  • 1 Backlight of your choosing.

  • 1 Varia5uit mod – pre-modified 100 ohm trim pot, can be optionally added to your backlight to easily control brightness. ($2.99 value, included free.)

  • 1 Piece of non-adhesive polarized film - Used to switch the inversion of your backlight should you wish to do so.  This film makes it possible for any backlight to become either inverted or standard.  $4.99 value, included free.


The V5 backlight fits easily inside LCD housings with absolutely no cutting required, and the LEDs are bright and vibrant. This version is optimized for 100% ease of installation into your GameBoy - just peel your screen, snap the backlight in, solder, and you're done!


Note: Backlights cannot be installed into GB Colors.