Non-adhesive polarized film

Non-adhesive polarized film

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  • Category: Game Boys

This handy little square of polarized film will drastically improve your backlit DMG. Instead of having to painstakingly peel the foil backing off of the old film, then having to deal with either removing the adhesive or having your finished product look unprofessional, you can simply tear everything off and replace it with this! It makes what is arguably the hardest part of backlighting your DMG extremely easy and practically fool proof.

The film is non-adhesive, meaning you won't have to worry about air bubbles when placing it behind the LCD, either.

The film is neutral grey, meaning your backlight will look extremely crisp, and, even more, these were specifically cut to 2" squares (instead of 2" x 1.875", the actual size of your LCD,) so you can rotate the film 90 degrees to invert your LCD!

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