How To Get LSDJ

This page is intended to walk you through the steps needed to obtain a cartridge which can then be flashed/loaded with software of your choice. Click here to purchase carts. I offer free flashing of these carts with any legal software of your choosing as long as you are licensed to use said software. Should you want software other than LSDJ loaded, this can be arranged after the time of purchase.

The most commonly used program with these cartridges is Little Sound DJ. Should you wish to have this program flashed onto the cart for you, follow the instructions below!

HOW TO REGISTER/VERIFY FOR LSDJ USE (if you're already registered, skip to step 4):

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Paypal link in the "HOW TO GET IT" section.
  3. Make a donation! Johan, the creator of little sound DJ, has invested hundreds of hours into his software. Please show your support.
  4. Once you've donated, take a screenshot of your paypal window showing your donation.
  5. Send your screenshot to

Your screenshot must be received before shipment in order for us to include LSDJ on your cartridge.  Please either email us with proof of verification before, (or immediately after,) making your purchase.

Once you've done this + made payment for your cartridge[s], you should be all set!