V4 ENVY Backlight for DMG or Pocket

V4 ENVY Backlight for DMG or Pocket

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  • Vendor:Nonfinite Electronics
  • Category: Game Boys, Lighting

V4 (Affectionately codenamed Envy) backlights feature 4 LEDs and fit easily under your Game Boy's LCD.  

The size fits easily inside DMG and Pocket LCD housings with no cutting required, and the LEDs are bright and vibrant.

Each kit includes the following:

  • 1 V4 Backlight
  • 1 Piece of non-adhesive polarized film - This film makes it possible for any backlight to become either inverted or standard.  $4.99 value, included free.

  • 1 carbon film resistor - 68 Ohm for White, Green, and Blue, 47 Ohm for Yellow, Magenta, and Red.

Extremely limited stock - Once these are gone, they're gone!

Note: Backlights cannot be installed into GB Colors.