Official TI Graphlink Cable

Official TI Graphlink Cable

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Silver USB Cable for Win/Mac


1 USB to 2.5mm cable - Comes in a bubble wrap sleeve with an official Texas Instruments Warranty Card.

In order to run the HT2 executable, you will need to obtain:

- TI linking software for exchanging data between your PC and your calc (recommended: TiLP)

- a so-called "shell" for your calculator. The following table lists the recommended shells for each model. Other shells may work, but haven't been tested. 

See the Houston Tracker 2 manual for installation details:

3.1. Requirements

Shell links:

model shell
TI-82 CrASH 1.6
TI-83, TI-82Stats Ion 1.6U
TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus Doors CS 7