Other Vendors

Nonfinite Electronics does its very best to provide you with the chipmusic related products you need, but we realize it's a big world out there. Are you looking for something specific you can't find on our store? If so, try these other great vendors!

Tank Boy Customs - http://tankboycustoms.com
Thursday Customs - http://www.thursdaycustoms.com
Stardriver Services (Garrett Boone) - https://www.facebook.com/gbstardriverservices
8bitAesthetics - https://8bitaesthetics.bigcartel.com/
Greightbit - http://www.greightbit.com/
Ben Venn - http://bennvenn.myshopify.com
Furrtek Engineering - http://furrtek.free.fr/gb303/
Gameboy mods UK - http://gameboymods.co.uk
ASM Retro - http://asmretro.com/
Kitsch-bent - http://store.kitsch-bent.com/
StangBoyCustoms - http://www.stangboycustoms.com/
Timbob's Chipshop - https://www.facebook.com/chipshop.timbob.nl
gUbermods - http://gubermods.com/
Josh-Shmosh - http://josh-shmosh.tumblr.com/