These cartridges are an excellent combination of utility and affordability.

This cartridge, when combined with a Micro SD of an appropriate capacity, can store every single game, software title, and save-state you could possibly want. The on-cartridge operating system allows you to move ROMs and SAVES between a Micro SD card and the flash cartridge easily, meaning no more transferring difficulties. If you know how to use an SD card, you can use this cartridge easily.

How to backup your data easily

Write your savedata to a Micro SD card from the flash cartridge, then insert the same Micro SD card into a computer using either a SD card adapter or a Micro SD to USB thumb drive to back up the data.

A quick overlook of how the OS works

A,B,up,down,left,right - Start the currently flashed ROM

Select - Invoke the SRAM Load/Save menu

Start - Invoke the ROM Load menu

For full help documentation on the Operating System go here.


  • Massive storage options - This flash cartridge combined with a reasonably sized Micro SD will easily store every game, software title, or save-state you could think of for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color.
  • Affordability - Similar in ease of use to the "Drag N Derp" cartridge at only two-thirds of the cost!
  • Cartridge supports GB and GBC ROM's (No RTC support) 4mbytes or smaller. This makes up 99.5% of all GB/GBC games.
  • Works perfectly with LSDJ - 128kbytes Save RAM max + Load/Save to SD for save games/LSDJ saves
  • Battery clip for quick replacement of SRAM battery (type CR1220, CR1225)


  • 4Mbyte Game ROM max
  • 128kbytes Save RAM max
  • 1Mbyte per minute transfer speeds from SD card (double when used on a GBC/GBA)
  • Save files are unique and not attached to the ROM file name. Multiple saves per ROM
  • Long file names supported!
  • 128 ROM's and Save's per directory/folder. No limit to folder count or depth.
  • Firmware upgradable via SD
  • Most SD cards are now supported, FAT32 formatted. Larger cluster size the better.
  • No RTC support, meaning Pokemon Silver and Gold will not run on this cartridge. Sorry!

Micro SD Cartridge for Game Boy + Color V2

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