What kind of backlight do I need?

You can use any DMG (Original Game Boy) type backlight in any DMG, and similarly, any pocket type backlight in any Game Boy Pocket.

Backlight color option is the actual hue of the leds contained in the backlight.  Stadard/inverted corresponds to whether the polarized film on the front of the backlight is rotated 0 degrees or 90 degrees, which noticeably alters the appearance of the LCD when it is in use.

A standard LCD will appear green in color when off,  and will have black pixels.  The color of the backlights LEDs will affect the natural green hue of the LCD differently, very much like mixing colors of paint.

An inverted LCD will appear midnight blue when off, and will have white+backlight LED color pixels.  The background will take on color properties from the backlight's LEDs as well, but will remain darker in shade than any active pixels.

Come again?  What is the difference between inverted and standard backlight polarization?

On an inverted backlight, film is installed at a 90 degree axis to standard polarization.  This makes the LCD dark blue instead of the usual green, and it "inverts" the activated pixels in color, meaning pixels will be lighter than the background instead of vice-versa.

Why is there an extra piece of polarized film included with my backlight?

We included extra film so you can mod your backlight just like you mod your Game Boy!  It takes about 30 seconds to pull the polarized film already attached to the backlight off and replace it with the extra stuff.  This will allow you to use your backlight as either standard or inverted.

How do I use additional polarized film with my V5 backlight?

In order to use the extra film, the original film needs to come off.  It's lightly adhered on the perimiter of the backlight.  Gently peel off the polarized layer while leaving the diffusion intact.  Start on the side with the wires while applying pressure down with a finger on the opposite side to keep the diffusion layer in place, and pull.

Vid coming soon, I swear! =)  I'm assembling video and photographic material as I mod DMGs for customers.  Follow me on twitter @nonelectronics for tutorial updates.  Please be aware removing the original film from the backlight will void warranty.


When do I send my screenshot showing I have a LSDJ license?

Your screenshot must be received before shipment in order for us to include LSDJ on your cartridge.  Please either email us with proof of verification before, (or immediately after,) making your purchase.

What version of LSDJ do you flash onto your carts?

We use the latest stable version of LSDJ by default. If you want a different version, contact me after your purchase. I have most of the recent versions stored locally and can load any version you like as long as you're registered.

Will you make/flash a ROM with custom kits?

Yes. If you have a ROM you have modified, I can flash it to a cart for you. I can also create custom ROMs for you for a small fee.

How much will shipping cost?

You can estimate shipping costs for your items by simply placing the items you want in your shopping cart.  You will see your shipping options before making payment.

What countries do you ship to?

Nonfinite Electronics ships worldwide.

I want my package shipped via UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, etc. How can I do this?

Contact me before making your purchase, and we can negotiate a custom shipping method to fit your needs.

What is Chiptune Music?

Click here to read the Chiptune Guide for Parents and the Uninitiated.