• EMS 64M USB Cartridge

Nonfinite Electronics provides a ton of fun and useful applications and games on all EMS cartridges purchased.  The contents of your cartridge are customizeable!

Our newest additions are a set of games and apps written by Patrick Rodriguez from 8bittygames.com.  

These six titles are included for free and automatically with each EMS Cartridge purchase. They are stored on pagefile two.  To learn how to access pagefile two, click here.

1 - Yarn Ball

A bitty puzzle game about a ball of yarn.

2 - Orb Catcher

A bitty action game where you collect orbs.

3 - Tiny Dancer

A bitty rhythm game about life at a dance studio.

4 - Dodgeball

A bitty sports game about throwing and dodging balls.

5 - Blarble 1290

A bitty interactive fiction about humanity's relation to machines. (Game Boy Printer-enabled)

6 - Beep Boop Boom Box

A bitty music toy.  This application is of importance to musicians.  The program is a 16-step sequencer, and functions much like a tenori-on would.  Very fun with delay pedals, other instruments, etc.

You can find Patrick on Twitter - @PatchworkGames and @LightAesthetic

Nonfinite Electronics is also working with the amazing Roboctopus to bring you his amazing EP, 'JELLY', both digitally and physically.

LSDJ flashed EMS cartridges can optionally come pre-loaded with his brand new EP, Jelly.  A FREE download of his EP will additionally be provided for you at the end of your session!

To have LSDJ pre-loaded on your EMS cartridge for free, follow the guide here.


EMS cartridges have been completely revamped.


Cartridges now come with a ton of awesome new sample kits courtesy of lsdsng.com including brand new drum kits plus samples from some awesome classic video games, such as Toejam & Earl, Vectorman, Kid Chameleon, and even Metal Gear Solid!

The EMS USB cartridge is a reliable option for the chipmusic composers and retro gamers alike. This cartridge features a sleek translucent black case, a mini USB jack, software, and an optional mini USB cable: everything you need to get right to work!

Software can be found here. Supports Windows XP (32bit), Vista (32bit) and Windows 7 (32bit). Linux and Mac OSX is supported through the generous efforts of Mike Ryan **Disclaimer, this is an Alpha in development! Mike Ryan or Nonfinite Electronics does not take any responsibility for that state of your cartridge after using his software.

This item comes with:

  • 1 - EMS USB cartridge, color: TRANSLUCENT BLACK
  • 1 - Set of 9 LSDJ stickers
  • Over double the sample kits of a standard LSDJ cartridge.  We filled the cartridge with 51 complete kits.

These carts can be loaded with various programs, such as LSDJ or Carillon tracker, and used with your Game Boy to make music!


All LSDJ carts are pre-loaded with musical data before shipping. This way, when you receive your cartridge, you can verify that the cart has a functional save battery.

For information on registering to use LSDJ, help with verifying your license, or information on other software that can be loaded onto carts, go here.


EMS 64M USB Cartridge

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