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  • How to add a backlight to your original game boy DMG-01

How to add a backlight to your original game boy DMG-01

This super easy guide will show you how to add an adjustable brightness LED backlight to your Original Game Boy DMG-01. This tutorial was written for the Nonfinite Electronics 4 LED backlight but will work with other manufacturer's backlights as well.

This guide assumes you have already opened your game boy and removed the front PCB for modification.

Step 1: Remove your LCD's original polarized and reflective films

Step 2: Install your backlight and polarized film. Feed the wire through the hole in the center of the front PCB. Then, optionally, add the Variasuit trim potentiometer like shown. Be sure to solder one wire to the center leg of the potentiometer. If you solder to the two outside legs it will not work.

Step 3 option 1: Solder to the back board. At this point you can turn on the back PCB to light up your backlight but you won't see anything on your LCD because the ribbon cable isn't plugged in yet.

Step 3 option 2: Solder to the front board. I prefer this configuration to the first one as it keeps the solder points on the same board as the backlight. I find this to be tidier.

You're done! Adjust your trim potentiometer to your preference, put a dab of hot glue down in the lower right area of your case and stick the trim pot there to keep it from shorting.

If you want you can drill a hole in your case and use hot glue to mount the trim potentiometer. Just be sure to put it somewhere where the metal legs won't touch other conductive components. There is usually plenty of space in the lower left and lower right corners of the DMG.

Reattach the front PCB to the back PCB via the ribbon cable when you're all done to test!

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